LOW COST. Natural Resources in Architecture

LOW COST. Natural Resources in Architecture


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LOW COST. Natural Resources in Architecture

ISBN 978-84-17557-04-1
Urtea 2019
Argitaletxea Monsa Publications
Saila Arquitectura Y Diseño

One objective of this book is to study the budget for each individual project, as far as possible, in terms of construction methods and materials, energy and sustainability factors, in order to carry out a global evaluation. In effect, a means of evaluating interesting sources of information relevant to the quality of life, the economy, eco-system and other minor considerations. Whether partially or totally prefabricated, all of the designs illustrate the inherent capacity of many architects to design properties which are more appealing and intelligent, sustainable, economical, with low maintenance costs and reduced energy consumption and,...

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it goes without saying, more agreeable living accommodation. All of this demonstrates the determination to create something unique within a very tight budget.

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