De libro en libro

De libro en libro

Jaume Copons Ramon

12,90 €

IVA incluido


De libro en libro

ISBN 978-84-9101-152-1
Páginas 160
Año 2020
Editorial Combel Editorial
Sección Infantil / Juvenil

Hi! If you haven't met me yet, my name is Agus Pianola and I live with a bunch of monsters. We have already had loads of adventures together, always fighting the evil Dr. Brot. What a nasty guy! By the way, do you know what a pantrax bee is? Well, you're in trouble if this bee stings you, because it contains a venom that drives you crazy. How do I know that? Because poor Mr. Flat was the victim of one of these creatures not so long ago. And now you're going to ask me: is there a cure? And my reply is: read!
Oh, and there are three guest stars in this adventure: Dog, Boby and Pinchito, the monsters that won the Draw your Monster...

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