¡Llega el Sr. Flat!

¡Llega el Sr. Flat!

Jaume Copons Ramon

12,90 €

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¡Llega el Sr. Flat!

ISBN 978-84-9825-911-7
Orriak 136
Urtea 2020
Argitaletxea Combel Editorial
Saila Infantil / Juvenil

Hello! My name is Agus Pianola. You didn't know this, but sooner or later we were bound to be friends. Until recently I was a rather normal kid: I went to school, lost my homework, wolfed down pizza? But the day I met Mr Flat, everything changed.
Ah, of course. You still don't know who Mr Flat is, do you? I'll just tell you that he's a monster and that ever since he moved into my room, the world is not only more fun, but it's also a better place. Better, but with tons of trouble!

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